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AN OVERVIEW OF THE On-Job-Training Program (OJTP)

Every year, 1000s upon 1000s of fresh students graduate – but there is no “market” to swallow them into professionals, according to their field of study. Most students are stranded after graduation and often forced to divert into other menial jobs – which are often hard to get as well.

Therefore, the concept of the OJTP is create a job on which graduate can work to build their career instead of sit home looking for job. As they work on the project, they train themselves to become entrepreneurs and experienced unemployed workers. Such experiences are what companies look for before employing. The project will employ up to 300-400 students per year and train them to be qualified entrepreneurs or ready-to work in companies.

how is the program organised:

Website development
Game development
PC repair services

Building a product
Branding and running through the Ps

looking and prospecting for customers and selling web-online products

Graphics Designing
Logo and books and many more


OJT for short mean (On-Job-Training Program). A program designed primary for IT related students
The program is short, intensive and taught on-the-job. The aim is to assist graduates
and graduating students to participate in various designed short and practical courses.
These courses are not theoretical but fully practical. Experts who are on the job
are teaching students on-the-job.

Students will serve customers in the traditional working style:
work and assist in creating 100% customer-satisfaction results. The program will
train students working-in-various offices how to create websites for customers,
how to fix customers broken electronics, how to customize websites,
use CMS programs to design a wining websites among others. The students will be grouped in groups of 5-10 on initial projects.

The ultimate aim is to train them to DO and qualify to work or to establish their own
business after the short intensive realistic course. Students are not train to search
for non-existing jobs but to qualify them to work by giving them real-life work experience and training.