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LaskuPro Terms

We are happy to offer you one of the most easiest way of generating invoices for you business. However, these are few terms and conditions about using our billing services.

These Billing Terms and Conditions form part of the Customer Agreement between the Customer (“you”) and the Service Provider.

1. Registrations is necessary before using our invoicing system.

2. All registered users must wait for Admin to approve and activate their account before they can login successfully to use the invoice.

3. Invoices are made to be used ONLY by the customers of Vihreä Tekno Finland and it is part of the service agreements.

4. Invoice usage or usage fees are not charged independently (ask us if you want to use only our invoicing system but not other services) but are part of the monthly/yearly bills paid. This means you use the invoice system freely once you have subscribed to one or few of the services that we offer.

5. We can/will offer you a training need if there is -on how to use the system.

6. All invoices created are stored in your own folder where you can view them later.

7. After creating your invoice, click on GO. Your generated invoice is automatically converted into PDF form. This can be saved on your computer and send via Email to your clients or printed and send via post to the payee’s box.

8. Invoices created for others (NOT) Vihreä Tekno’s customer’s will be billed additional 5€/per invoice. Let’s us know if there is anyone who is not our customer but needs an invoicing system.

9. All updates and improvements and costs related to our invoicing system is covered NOT by our customers, but by Vihreä Tekno Finland.

10. All our invoices comply with EU payment standards (SEPA) and therefore uses IBAN and BIC automatic conversion system.

11. If an amount from a previous bill is overdue, the we may deactivate OUR Services – this mean you may not be able to login to our billing system to use.