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Drupal Training Courses

You will have everything you need to start building amazing Drupal websites.

Once your course has finished we will still be on hand for post-course support and questions.

Drupal Training Course Description

Introduction to Drupal
A quick introduction to Drupal for people who’ve only heard a little bit about it and want to know more.

Drupal – Content Analysis
An introductory one-day workshop covering the basics of the Drupal framework and covering many must-have modules.

Drupal Content Editing
This Drupal training course focuses on the requirements of website editors. Learn how to create new Drupal content, edit existing content, change menu navigation, manage workflows, review webform submissions, etc.

Site Building with Drupal
In two days, course participants learn how to build a Drupal project on their own. Examples of course content include managing media, dates and calendars, dynamic search queries, comprehensive fields and views, webforms, etc.

Drupal Layouts and Theming
Learn how to develop a Drupal theme by inheriting base themes, overriding template output, styling with CSS, altering views etc. The course focuses on HTML5, CSS markup, all within a well-tested and long-established framework.

Fees: Training + Job Practice + Course Materials + Domain + 6 months hosting =(€350 students), (€490 for non-students)

Drupal Advanced Views Module
Learning how to use Views well is critical to almost all Drupal development. This course focuses almost exclusively on Drupal views, covering the more advanced aspects such as relationships, reverse-relationships, overriding output, and CSS markup.