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About Us


We provide IT solutions to smaller and larger scale businesses. We committed to bringing the best possible technology to businesses around the world. With a vision of quick expansion, our core competence lies on: great product quality, quicker service, cheaper services among all others and great customer support solutions.

We belief that each and every business – be it big or small deserve to be served and benefit from existing technologies.

  1. Website Designing/Building
  2. Web hosting
  3. Invoicing/billing Systems –
  4. Logo designing
  5. designing letterheads
  6. Typesetting and Graphic designing services
  7. Basic Training Services – for individuals
  8. Translation Services
  9. Web and Mobile Apps
  10. PC repair and maintenance services
  11. Directory Portal Services
  12. Online Shops (Gadgets Sales)
  13. designing business cards
  14. designing Labels/stickers flyers
  15. designing and distribution of advertisements for companies (joint partnership with Newspaper delivery companies)
  16. Selling used PCs
  17. recycling electronics -(collecting and receiving)
  18. Fixing PCs, buying, exchanging and selling accessories
  19. Designing Online shops (Verkkokauppa)
  20. Partnership and consultancy services (Sub-Contracting Services)
  21. Cleaning services
  22. Teaching and Training, Job Practice

We hope to establish a long-lasting business relationship with you and would be happy to help you succeed in your business.


Vihreä Tekno Finland
Business ID: 2632297-2

+358 40 701 8888